How has your life been affected by racism? What do you personally need to heal right now?
I have been undervalued my expertise and work experience taken for granite . Everybody wants to pick my brain nobody wants to pay for consulting.
Ashana Bigard
New Orleans
Black and native
She her hers
I grew up in poverty with a culture that resumes, we are supposed to share and help people out when able that has been taken for granted by people who, consciously or unconsciously believe that black peoples contributions should be free. Unfortunately, anti-blackness runs deep, even with other Black people. Is a fat, southern black woman. I have experienced all kinds of discrimination, and sometimes at the hands of my own people no doubt because of systemic racism capitalism, sexism paternalism. I do anti-bias trainings, which incorporate elements of theater and multimedia. However, I still present is a black, fat, southern woman. So it’s hard for me to get my foot in the door, despite the fact of being extremely good at what I do. I haven’t had a vacation in over 10 years so to have one would be nice, but to be seen as an expert in my field and paid the equivalent of my knowledge and skills would be even nicer.