Artists and Cultural Institutions
The Source-Peace Reflections-Self-Care Sunday
8:00 AM (PT)
Hosted By: Dancing Earth
The Source introduces 'Peace Reflections' on this National Day of Racial Healing, advocating for its significance every day. Embark on a journey with us, celebrating the roles of Peace and Knowledge in fostering community healing. This echoes the teachings of Queer, Black, and Brown liberative organizing, where communities have been united through principles of Peace, art, and education. We are honored to have Michael Roberson, a distinguished public health practitioner, LGBTQ advocate, activist, artist, and curator, join us as we explore the Ballroom Scene, recognized as a powerful space of resistance against oppression, driven by love, creativity, and community as transformative forces.

Throughout history, Black Liberative leaders and communities, including iconic figures like MLK Jr. and the legacies of the Ballroom community, have served as havens for marginalized people. 'Peace Reflections' showcases contemporary expressions of peace and fosters exchanges by honoring these legacies and lineages.

Drawing on the ancestral wisdom of Michael Roberson (Founder of the Haus of Maison-Margiela, The Federation of Ballroom Houses, and influential public health advocate involved in programs like H.E.A.T – Health & Education Alternatives for Teens program) and Elaine Talamaivao (founder of Tala Mai Moana & Co-Visioner of The Source), our goal is to share practices and knowledge useful for cultivating Peace on the journey to create a more healed society.

On January 28th, Elaine Talamaivao leads Self-Care Sunday, promoting peace within oneself through Pacific Islander ancestral pathways. She prompts the question: What does it mean to have the essence of Peace present in your body?