State College National Day of Racial Healing
11:30 AM
Hosted By: The Borough of State College, AAUW of State College, Community Diversity Group
Join us for an impactful facilitated dialogue event on the National Day of Racial Healing. This gathering aims to foster an inclusive and comfortable space where participants can openly discuss and explore the barriers hindering racial healing. Through guide conversation. we hope to encourage understanding, empathy, and collaborative efforts towards dismantling these barriers for more inclusive future.

This event is a two-part series. Part I: "A Conversation to Identify Racial Barries," is intended to make our State College community feel comfortable discussing what they see around them. Part II: "A Conversation to Identify Strategies to Help Break Down Racial Barriers," will allow the community to brainstorm possible solutions and consider the broader national context.

We hope you will consider joining us! Let's break bread and barriers together – lunch will be provided!