Region 8 – Virtual Racial Healing Circle
1:00 PM
Hosted By: Community Action Partnership of Utah
The Region 8 Community Action Partnership / RPIC will be holding a virtual racial healing circle as part of national events talking place on the 2024 National Day of Racial Healing. Join facilitators from Community Action Partnership of Utah and Colorado Community Action Association as we deepen relationships with one another, listen to each other's stories, and value our shared humanity.


The W.K Kellog Foundation defines Racial Healing as:

"Racism affects all of us where we live, learn, work and play. We experience these effects when we take our children to school, when we apply for jobs, when we try to rent or buy a home, when we shop, when we interact with the police and more. Racism can affect us both as individuals and within our systems and institutions. It affects our ability to know, relate to and value one another. Systemically, it can be one of the biggest obstacles to solving the challenges we face in our communities because it often keeps us apart.

Racial healing recognizes the need to acknowledge and tell the truth about past wrongs created
by individual and systemic racism and address the present consequences. It is a process and tool
that can facilitate trust and build authentic relationships that bridge divides created by real and
perceived differences. We believe it is essential to pursue racial healing prior to doing change
making work in a community. Because, before you can transform systems and structures, you
must do the people work first."

• are experiences that engage the heart
• require the heart to be open and expansive
• reaffirm the humanity in all of us
• acknowledge that unconscious bias lives in all of us
• are the spiritual work of affirming and loving ourselves
• acknowledge (by “listening”) the harms of the past through people’s stories

This virtual event will last approximately two hours. Participants are expected to engage (this is not an event that can passively listened to in the background), turn on their video cameras, turn off other distractions (emails, phone calls, and honor the touchstones that create a safe space for connection.

Virtual seats are limited. Because of the limited size, we request you only sign up if can attend and fully participate.