Racial Healing from anti-Blackness
7:00 PM
Hosted By: The Global Purpose Approach
Mental health and wellness practitioners will share the impact of domestic and global anti-Blackness on individuals, families, communities, schools, and our society at large. They will provide ways to manage your mental health care, enhance your spirituality, and focus on healing and self-efficacy.

This 2-part series is ideal for people with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and those impacted by societal events, systemic racism, and structural injustices. We highly encourage youth and their families to participate in these virtual sessions.

Regardless of your race, ethnicity, nationality, background, etc. ALL are welcome to participate in these sessions to listen and learn. We want to inspire allies and co-conspirators to do the individual and collective work to improve consciousness, break down barriers, and dismantle unfair systems that are rooted in anti-Blackness. We aim for these two sessions to be valuable and life-changing experiences for people to embrace diversity, inclusion, equality, equity, to ensure justice, healing, belonging, hope, and liberation.