New Orleans National Vodou Day
10:00 AM
Hosted By: La Source Ancienne Ounfo
We’re commissioning artistic monuments and markers at sites relevant to the transatlantic slave trade in New Orleans, also constructing a sister arch to the door of no return and door of return used in Benin on their National Vodun Day. On the 14th of January, we will lead a spiritual procession with elders and priests/priestesses from different faiths (Like Vodou and Ifa as well as Mardi Gras Indians) along with drummers & will travel from the Mississippi river to Congo Square, stopping at relevant points for healing rituals, pouring of libations, spiritual songs & other cleansing ceremonies. All this will be for the sake of spiritual reparations and energetic healing and acknowledging the suffering of the ancestors that persevered through terrible times. When we arrive at Congo Square we will have an altar set up that the public can add to and we will have a large Vodou ceremony, as well as free food available and people there to register citizens to vote.