Let’s Talk Event: Embracing Diversity on National Day of Racial Healing!
5:00 PM
Hosted By: Dr. Cherie Crosby-Weeks
Dr. Crosby-Weeks' and the ECE Club are thrilled to invite you to a special event, "Let's Talk: Embracing Diversity on National Day of Racial Healing," hosted by Dr. Crosby-Weeks and the ECE Club. This enlightening session will be held on January 16, from 5:00 PM to 5:45 PM, in Room 12 and available through Zoom.

Our goal is to foster meaningful conversations around the rich diversity within our campus community. To guide our discussion, we'll be using the "Learning for Justice: Let's Talk" guide, a resource designed to encourage open and thoughtful dialogue, as well as several prompts from the book, "How We Ended Racism" Realizing a New Possibility in One Generation" by Justin Michael Williams and Shelly Tygielski.

This event is particularly recommended for students enrolled in CD314, as it promises to be an invaluable learning experience. However, it's open to all who wish to participate and contribute to this important conversation.