How Black Women Can Begin To Heal From Work Trauma
6:00 PM
Hosted By: Dr. Carey Yazeed
In her work as a behavioral scientist, a common factor Dr. Carey Yazeed has discovered is there are few opportunities for Black women to safely discuss their negative experiences in the work place. If and/or when a Black woman does decide to speak up regarding the discrimination, micro aggressions, racism, and harassment she has/is experiencing, she will probably encounter negative consequences such as being labeled angry, difficult to work with, aggressive, or bitter, or she will find herself and her work under a microscope with management looking for a reason to terminate her. Hardly are her grievances taken seriously.

Unlike her white counterparts, Black professional women have the added layers of cultural norms, ongoing societal trauma, and past generational trauma, which they are often navigating unconsciously.

This year Dr. Yazeed is taking additional steps to help Black women to heal, starting with a free seminar on the National Day of Racial Healing, to discuss healing from work trauma. On January 16th at 7pm EST, this seminar will serve as a safe space for Black women to gather and discuss the trauma they have endured in the work place, and learn about solutions to help them as they navigate their healing journey.

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