Fulfilling the Dream
4:00 PM
Hosted By: Harmony Point Development & Global Black Wallstreet
Fulfilling the Dream is a multi-jurisdictional consortium of liked minded community members, grassroots organizations, businesses, media, Civil Rights and Faith-based organizations focused on executing Dr. Martin Luther King's succession plan as outlined in his book, "Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community".

We believe to rectify a cure to the heal the pervasive ills plaguing our communities we must first identify the historic systemic social constructs driving racial inequities in the community by having open dialog regarding the effects and solutions. Therefore, we will focus on the theoretical framework of economic justice and Civil Rights outlined in Dr. Martin Luther Kings last book as our premise.

The event will include a, "courageous conversation", mind mapping session asking the following 3 questions : what has been done to achieve his dream, what have we done well and what do we need to improve. Our National Day of Racial Healing event will end with voting on the top priorities from the mapping session as the action items the consortium will target as action items to fulfill Dr. Marting Luther Kings's Dream for our communities to heal.