Free to Heal: Discovering Your Authentic Identity
3:30 PM
Hosted By: KSU Black Studies Program
Join us on 2024’s National Day of Racial Healing for an interactive discussion with the acclaimed author and activist Rich Pelligrino. Pelligrino will share the stories behind his life’s journey and anti-racist activism through themes from his latest book, I Am Not White: One Man's Journey from Whiteness to Oneness.

Venue: Kennesaw State University, Social Sciences Building Room1019

Join author Rich Pelligrino, an internationally acclaimed community activist and organizer, as he shares his six decade journey of experiences on the path to racial reconciliation, self-discovery, and self-determination. Moving through the stages of dependence, independence and ultimately interdependence, Rich shares how he becomes a "woke" warrior fighting "the triple evils" of racism, poverty, and militarism, and a peacemaker building intentional "beloved communities.

The Global Woke Institute, co-founded by the author, teaches how to find one’s true purpose, authentic self, and then to actualize that realization into servant leadership roles in service of family, community, and the broader world according to the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s "network of mutuality."

Attendees will have the chance to ask questions, receive some free limited copies of I Am Not White, participate in a book signing, and engage in meaningful conversations around racial healing and community engagement with fellow readers.