Driving While Black in America: An Intergenerational Conversation
2:00 PM
Hosted By: Courageous Conversation Global Foundation
Since 2017, the Courageous Conversation Global Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, has been forming partnerships with colleges/universities, non-profit organizations, and corporations and helping people advance racial equity through authentic, sustained, dialogue within and between racial groups. Our mission is to elevate racial consciousness through interracial healing. We practice this healing through training and development to deepen our collective understanding of racial justice. Through this practice, the Foundation promotes and supports communities, locally and globally, in achieving racial equity and social justice.

We do our work via three programming areas. Our Courageous Equity Leadership Fellows Program identifies, supports and provides training to college students; on a yearly basis, our Fellows create and facilitate racial healing events on their college campuses. Through our Racial Healing and Transformation Community Groups Program, we provide “wraparound” support and training deep within communities through seminars; community members begin to learn skills and tools to engage across and within racial lines. Through Media Campaigns with our partner ad agencies, we push out campaigns throughout the year that spark courageous conversations and racial justice advocacy via media platforms.

On January 16, join the Courageous Conversation Global Foundation team for a compelling intergenerational conversation around Driving While Black in America as we explore the following ongoing reality: In America, Black drivers are 20% more likely to be stopped and searched by police, and 3x more likely to be killed by officers during encounters. From microaggressions to murder, routine traffic stops are anything but routine when you're Black.

During our time together, you will be introduced to our groundbreaking Driving While Black Media Campaign and hear from the creators, Anthony O’Neill, EVP/Executive Creative Director, and Rony Castor, Group Creative Director. Our College Fellows will enhance the conversation by lifting the voices of Gen Z as they share their stories and perspectives.

By engaging in conversation, we hope to promote racial healing, ignite action and inspire people to get involved in transforming the problematic relationship shared between police and Black folks in America.

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