Change Sings! Calhoun ISD Early Childhood Connections Day of Racial Healing Playgroup Event
2:00 PM
Hosted By: Early Childhood Connections at Calhoun Intermediate School District
In order for young children to develop a positive sense of self, respect and compassion for others, and the courage to speak up for others when they see injustice, they need caring adults who model these skills. With the idea that we are all the same and we are all different, ECC Family Coaches will provide learning activities and materials for children and families to play and learn together! We will share Amanda Gorman’s “Change Sings” storybook at reading time and all families will receive a copy as well as other learning materials to extend the learning at home! The event is hosted by Calhoun ISD’s Early Childhood Connections in partnership with The Fatherhood and Family Services Hub at The Link Community Center in Battle Creek, Michigan.