Black Orchestral Network Day of Solidarity
8:00 AM
Hosted By: Black Orchestral Network
The Black Orchestral Network is committed to its mission to champion the acknowledgment and fair treatment of Black orchestral musicians in American orchestras.

We are grateful for your pivotal support during our inaugural Day of Solidarity in May of 2022, which exponentially propelled our impact and expanded our platform for justice. Thousands joined our call to action for American orchestras to honor and center their moral and artistic commitments: to build and sustain spaces where Black musicians and communities belong and thrive; to hire Black musicians and support their development; and to fully embed and be accountable for practices that promote respect, fairness, grace, and equity.

This year, the call for justice and equal treatment continues with increased urgency. Barriers and biases persist and are manifest in explicit and tangible ways, including the unfair denial of tenure to Black musicians. The community of Black musicians across the country shares critical concerns about dignity, equity, and inclusion in the tenure process. There is more work to be done.

We will soon unveil a comprehensive action plan to spotlight the challenges in the tenure process and catalyze actionable solutions for a more inclusive orchestral landscape, and we hope we can count on your support once again.

Year-over-year support from major supporters like you and your organization provides crucial momentum and increased pressure on orchestras to make meaningful change.

Please save the date of Monday, January 29th to once again stand in solidarity for equitable experiences of Black orchestral musicians across the country.