Artists and Cultural Institutions
Bahamas Junkanoo as Creative Dialogue Encourages Us to Rethink our Differences.
3:00 PM
Hosted By: Unity in Action International and American Bahamian Literary Entities Inc.
An Authentic Space on the UNESCO 2023 Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity: Junkanoo -Bahamas.
"A means of free expression and intergenerational dialogue, its cultural value is recognized at national and international levels.
Bahamas Junkanoo is creative dialogue between the past and the present, between the local and the global, between the individual and the collective.”

My name is Icelyn Cate, the CEO of American Bahamian Literary Entities Inc., (ABLE). I am pleased to partner with Unity in Action, International, Inc. in our mission is to publicize the culture of the Bahamas as more than a tourist destination of “sun, sand and sea.” We encourage creatives to see it as place in storytelling, encouraging change for a better narrative for racial healing. In The Bahamas, this unique cultural phenomenon called Junkanoo, is liberated from being regarded as mere parading, and it has become the system we need for a more rapid paradigm shift towards tolerance.

Our topic specifically illustrates how Bahamas Junkanoo is a medium that encourages racial healing. Explore further how we can appreciate our differences and gain an unlimited perspective.