2024 National Day of Racial Healing: Racial Healing Circle
11:00 AM
Hosted By: Hope College
In observance of the 2024 National Day of Racial Healing the Hope College Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center will host a Racial Healing Circle on Tuesday, January 16th that will bring together members of the local community to engage in the sharing of stories, relationship building, and continue to work toward narrative change in our community.

What is a Racial Healing Circle? The Rx Racial Healing® Circle methodology emphasizes active listening, being open to the perspectives and experiences of others, and helps to provide a foundation for “building a national organizational network and activating local action to promote racial healing and racial equity.” (www.aacu.org/event/2022-institute-on-truth-racial-healing-transformation-trht-campus-centers)

The circle structure incorporates multiple segments, including a circle opening and closing, an introductory segment, group agreements, re-introductory prompt(s), and deep reflection prompt(s). Participants are encouraged to share their authentic stories in dyads as well as in small- and large-group settings.

Please indicate your interest on the form and you will receive a response as to whether space is still available to participate. If space is available, you will receive confirmation for the Racial Healing Circle.

Due to the nature of a Racial Healing Circle, we ask that participants be present for the whole event. :)

11:00am – 11:30am Gathering time (light refreshments)
11:30am – 1:00pm Circle Time (circle will begin promptly at 11:30)