We will unfold and the root causes of Prejudice and how to mitigate its harmfulness through Knowledge, Mitigation and Education. Our project efforts show how we are organized to begin achieving these goals. We are all also explaining how those of interest can become involved.

For three years Equitable Dinners has been inspiring positive action through art and courageous conversation.

Equitable Dinners is a transformative city-wide event bringing together people of diverse backgrounds in a facilitated conversation about complex issues, like racism. Equitable Dinners unique approach combines
– a short one person play
– facilitated dialogue
– over a meal with neighbors and strangers,
to create an experience where every voice has space and every story is sacred. Guests leave our events inspired to take positive action in their communities, workplaces, and their homes.

Register to attend online OR in person at https://app.inclusivv.co/equitabledinnersatlanta

We will show how to assimilate and share knowledge about Prejudice, examine the Roots of Prejudice and how it manifests itself in all of us, discuss mitigation strategies and then emphasize the methods by which we can eradicate its major components through Education.

The event will include an interview with some who have experienced discrimination, but have gained strength and hope from it. We will also include the foundations for Prejudice and Mitigation Strategies for those who understand the values of Open-mindedness and are Ready.

We will go back in time on February 17th, 2024 at the Greensboro History Museum. Seven great people will be honored by seven great performers. The time is now, the time is right to honor the legacy of true warriors. The roads they traveled may have been different but their final destination was the same. Equality for Black America. Malcolm X, Ella Baker, Medgar Evers, James Baldwin, Angela Davis, Fannie Lou Hammer, and Martin Luther King will take us on an unbelievable journey, a journey that defines their greatest strength.

One Love Global will host a hybrid program including a healing circle and opportunities for action. Follow One Love Global on Facebook and visit www.oneloveglobal.org for updates and registration.

It's going to be amazing!